HR Banke Justice Center Directory

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Harold R. Banke Justice Center

The Harold R. Banke Justice Center opened for business on November 6, 2000, just two years after ground was broken. The 727,500 square foot facility is located at 9151 Tara Boulevard. 

The Justice Center is one of the most technologically secure facilities of its kind in the country. It houses a 1,536 bed detention center, the county sheriff's headquarters, and court facilities, including 18 courtrooms. Construction began in October 1998.
777 bắn cá vàng In addition to the inmate housing and court services, the Justice Center will house ancillary offices, including the Clerk of Superior & Magistrate Courts, Clerk of State Court, and the Sheriff's Administration Offices.

Justice Center 1st FloorPhone
Jury Assembly (Jury Information) (1JA01)(770) 477-3400
Magistrate Court Clerk's Office (2TC08)(770) 477-3443
Real Estate Deed Room (1CL32)(770) 477-3395
State Court Clerk's Office - Administration (Room 1CL181)(678) 479-5521
State Court Clerk's Office - Microfilm Division (1CL191)(678) 479-5520
Superior Court Clerk's Office - Administration (1CL01)(770) 477-3395
Superior Court Clerk's Office - Civil and Domestic Divisions (1CL19A)(770) 477-3405
Superior Court Clerk's Office - Criminal Division (1CL19)(770) 477-3405
Superior Court Clerk's Office - Microfilm Division (1CL112)(770) 473-3397
Superior Court Clerk's Office - Real Estate Division (1CL25)(770) 477-3395
Justice Center 2nd FloorPhone
Additional Magistrate Court Judges (Courtrooms 202 and 203)
Alternative Dispute Resolution (2DR01)(770) 477-4575
Courtroom - Traffic (2CR602C)
Magistrate Court Judge's Chambers (2CR508)(770) 477-3444
State Court Clerk's Office - Traffic Division (Room 2TC01)(770) 477-3386
Justice Center 3rd FloorPhone
Chief Judge Linda S. Cowen - Judges Chambers (3JC101 - Courtroom 303)(770) 477-3392
Court Administration (3CA12)(770) 477-3412
Judge Margaret Spencer - Judges Chambers (3CJ301 - Courtroom 303)(770) 477-4500
Judge Michael T. Garrett - Judges Chambers (3JC201 - Courtroom 302)(770) 477-3354
Judge Shalonda Jones-Parker - Judges Chambers (3CJ501 - Courtroom 305)(770) 603-4844
Judge Tammi Hayward - Judges Chambers (3JC402 - Courtroom 304)(770) 472-8000
Solicitor General and Victim Services (3SL01)(770) 477-3380
Justice Center 4th FloorPhone
Chief Judge Geronda V. Carter - Judges Chambers (4JC101 - Courtroom 401)(770) 477-3432
District Attorney's Office and Victim Services (4DA01)(770) 603-4110
Judge Aaron B. Mason - Judges Chambers (4CR501 - Courtroom 405)(770) 477-4542
Judge Kathryn L. Powers - Judges Chambers (4JC301 - Courtroom 403)(770) 477-3495
Judge Robert L. Mack - Judges Chambers (4JC401 - Courtroom 404)(770) 477-3436
Judge Shana Rooks Malone - Judges Chambers (4JC201 - Courtroom 402)(770) 477-3484