777 bắn cá vàngThe Pre-Trial Intervention and Diversion Program is a diversion program which is offered to certain non-violent offenders who qualify for participation as an alternative to prosecution. The purpose of the program is to enhance justice and public safety by addressing the root cause of the arrest provoking behavior. Participants receive coordinated assistance in educational and vocational referrals, personal and group counseling, and referrals to other community agencies appropriate to their needs.

The program is designed to meet the needs of offenders in an attempt to deter their future criminal behavior, to minimize loss to victims of these crimes through payment of restitution by the offender, to serve the courts by reducing the numbers of less serious crimes, and to protect the community by closely supervising the accused following arrest until final disposition of the case. Participation in the program also allows the participant to remain in the community with limited disruption to family life and employment.

777 bắn cá vàngActive participation in the program should be completed in three (3) months. Cases involving drug charges could continue for six (6) months. After being accepted into the program and paying a one time supervision fee of $500.00, each participant will meet with the Program Coordinator regularly for individual meetings and will also be referred to community agencies which will provide services relative to the participant's needs.

Successful completion results in the charge being dismissed. Additionally, the participant may request to petition the court for expungement of their arrest record.

Coordinator: Carl H. Freeman