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Dr. Bing

Dr. DeAnn Bing, Health and Wellness Committee

Dr. DeAnn Bing, Co-founder of HomeCare Medicine of Atlanta

777 bắn cá vàngDr. Bing graduated from Spelman College in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English while minoring in Pre-Medicine. She attended Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica, West Indies. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine in 2012. After completing her residency, Dr. Bing served as Morehouse School of Medicine’s Interim Chief Resident before moving on to work as a Hospital Specialist for Piedmont Healthcare Corporation.

In 2013, Dr. Bing, co-founded HomeCare Medicine of Atlanta, with the vision of servicing the senior population in their homes, “to bridge the gap by providing accessible care for patients and for their families.”

Dr. Tawanda Braswell – 0660

Dr. Tawanda Braswell, Legislative and Social Justice Committee

777 bắn cá vàngDr. Tawanda Braswell, Ph.D., is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She has called Georgia her home for over 20 years. She is the co-founder and executive director of Inner Self Corp., a delinquency prevention and early diversion non-profit organization. Inner Self Corp. offers coaching and mentoring for teens through a teen life coaching program. Inner Self Corp. also provides anger management sessions specializing in children ages 3 - 18.

Dr. Braswell is also a Certified Specialist in Advanced Handwriting Analysis. Handwriting analysis is used as a mental health screening tool for expressiveness, self-esteem, self-awareness and other personality traits.